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Where: The map above shows the location of the Sewstern Lane wind farm.  Go to the Vale of Belvoir map to get a better understanding of how the map works.

The planning reference is S15/0862.  Click here to go to the South Kesteven website.

Who:  The developer this time is a company called Whirlwind Renewables.  They have set up a shell company name called Sewstern Lane Wind Farm Company Ltd.

What: The Sewstern Lane application is for 6 x 110m turbines.  At present Whirlwind are suggeting the use of a model of turbine which has a very large 90 metre blade diameter, called a Vestas V90.  This type of machine is mainly used for offshore installations and at least one of the few places it has been used onshore in the UK, noise problems are being reported.