How to Object

Writng a letter of objection to a proposed wind farm application can seem a daunting task, particularly with the huge amount of paperwork involved, but don't let this put you off.  If you follow the simple rules it won't take you long and your comments do make a difference.

Each letter must be individual. Make sure everyone in your household writes a separate letter. Where possible personalise the letter with your own particular concerns or experiences, as well as highlighting the impact on the community as a whole.

Always make sure you include;

  1. Your name and address
  2. The application reference number; S15/0862
  3. State very clearly at the start of your letter ‘I object to this application …’.

Send your letter by post to; Philip Moore, Development Control Services, South Kesteven District Council, St Peter’s Hill, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG31 6PZ  or email via the South Kesteven District Council planning website.

Please copy your letter/email to Stephen Phillips MP, your own MP as well (if different), your local Parish Council Clerk and your local District & County Councillors, so they are all aware of the level of opposition.  To help with contact details please click here.

You may object on several different grounds, but they must be relevant in planning terms.

Points that ARE VALID PLANNING OBJECTIONS include the following:

  1. Previous planning history - This particular site has already proven iteslf unsuitable for a wind farm.  There can be few other locations in the UK which have been so closely scrutinised to the exent where; two separate appeals have been dismissed.  Planning decisions must be consistent and this application fails to overcome these past materially significant reasons for refusal.

  2. Damage to heritage assets and their setting – The Inspector for the Thackson's Well appeal stated;  I have found that this part of the Vale is unusually rich in the number of historic assets of the highest grades within it, and especially so in the historic significance of visual relationshipsbetween them and their surrounding landscapes....... harm to the historic qualities of the landscape would result of such significant and unacceptable magnitude as to outweigh the electricity generation benefits of this particular scheme in its entirety."   The Sewstern Lane proposal will still impact on these heritage assets and provide less renewable energy than Thackson's Well.

  3. Visual impact/damage to landscape character The Palmers Hollow wind farm site was, just over the county border, less than 500m to the east of this proposal and the Inspector concluded; "harm would be caused to landscape character and visual amenity as a result of the presence of the proposed windfarm and that the qualities now associated with the Vale of Belvoir would become diminished."  The Sewstern Lane application is for larger turbines with a larger blade sweep which will create an even greater impact than the Palmers Hollow proposal.

  4. Impact on residential & recreational amenity.

  5. Impact on highway safety.

  6. Damage to the local economy. - Negative impact on local businesses, in particular Roseland Business Park.

    attracts a wide range of customers including local family owned, national, multinational and FTSE 100 businesses.  - See more at:
    attracts a wide range of customers including local family owned, national, multinational and FTSE 100 businesses.  - See more at:
  7. Impact on the natural environment.

  8. Impact on health due to noise, vibration & flicker – the more specific your objection the better. If you or a member of your family suffers from neurological conditions, epilepsy, autism, sensory processing disorders etc. you may well be vulnerable. Your contact details will be ‘redacted’ (blocked out) by SKDC so you can object on health grounds without having to disclose your medical conditions to anyone other than the Council.

  9. Noise and light pollution

  10. Cumulative impact – from other wind energy developments in the immediate vicinity including the operational turbines at Allington, Marston, Frinkley Farm and Hawton.  Plus the proposed turbines at Fullbeck and Elston …. and the 30 others proposed in the Trent Valley.

  11. Inadequate pre-application consultation by the developer – developers have a duty to conduct proper consultation. Do you feel that the consultation Whirlwind conducted was anything more than a box-ticking exercise? If so include this in your objection

  12. Danger to aviation – light aircraft and microlights; flight path to RAF bases at Cranwell, Barkston Heath, Waddington and use of Normanton airfield.

 Please remember to send your objection as soon as possible.