What can you do to help?

Write an Objection

A clear message needs to be sent to the local councillors, showing the enormous ill feeling and extreme anger this second application, on the same site, has caused.  This will be a third attempt, at forcing a wind farm on this area, by three different developers.

Well over 1000 individually written objections were sent for the Thacksons Well application and a further 500 for the Palmers Hollow proposal.

BLOT believe this number of objections needs to be surpassed for the latest threat on the beautiful Vale of Belvoir. This will give a clear message to the South Kesteven planning department, Councillors and MPs.

Three Easy Ways to Object

How to Object

Once you have objected, make sure all the rest of your household send individual letters/emails of objection as well.

Please print off a copy of the BLOT 'Object Now' poster. 

Then place it in a prominent position, such as your garden gate, so others passing will see it, know you have objected and realise it is their turn.

Either click on the thumbnail poster on the right or the Object Now Poster tab on the left.