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Wind Turbines Impacting on the Vale of Belvoir

We hope the above map is a useful tool for giving an up to date assessment on the latest turbine threats to the Vale of Belvoir.

The map includes the present and past planning history for all wind turbines (over 30m blade tip), which are approximatley within 30km radius of the Vale of Belvoir.

Use the zoom and satellite buttons to give an accurate impression of where a particular turbine is located and then just click on a turbine to get more information.

The growing number of 'no turbine' signs, particularly around the latest Sewstern Lane threat, is a clear indication this part of the Vale of Belvoir is unsuitable for industrial sized wind turbines.

Please Contact Us and let us know if there are any additions you feel we should make.  We will endeavor to keep the map as up to date as we possible can.