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Location Plan

The Proposed Scheme

Infinergy, using a shell company named "Thackson's Well Wind Farm", submitted a planning application (S07/1661) for a wind farm to be located off the A1 dual carriageway in the Vale of Belvoir, Lincolnshire in the area bounded by the villages of Bottesford, Normanton, Staunton, Long Bennington, Foston, Allington, Sedgebrook, Muston and Easthorpe.

In outline:

  • The planning application is for a period of 25 years.
  • The proposed wind farm consists of 10 wind turbines and associated infrastructure.
  • Each turbine is up to 90m hub-height with a blade length of 35.5m, with a maximum total height of 125 metres. This is taller than "Big Ben" and the swept area of the blades of each turbine will be bigger than a football pitch. This will be one of the largest wind farms currently built in England.
  • Each turbine will have a nominal generating capacity of 2.3MW giving a total nominal capacity of 23MW.
  • The nearest turbine will be only 250m from the Viking Way, 2.6 km from the A1 and less than 1.9 km from the A52.
  • There are 8 villages within 2.5kms and some 7,500 people identified by South Kesteven District Council as being potentially affected.


The Rebuttal Statement

An in depth Rebuttal Statement was prepared and submitted to SKDC for the Development Committee meeting, held on 11th March.


17th November, 2008 - INFINERGY LOST THEIR APPEAL  The Government Inspector turned down Infinergy's appeal.  The following link contains the full Appeal Decision document.

15th May, 2008 - INFINERGY LODGES AN APPEAL against the decision by SKDC to refuse their application to build ten 415ft wind turbines at Thacksons Well Farm. A Government Inspector will be appointed to consider their case. In order to fight an Appeal, BLOT will have to retain legal personnel and pay expert witnesses to fight our corner. It will probably take months for the Appeal to be heard, as there is currently a waiting list for Inspectors.

11th March, 2008 - SKDC voted 10:2 against Infinergy's application to build ten turbines at Thacksons Well Farm.

The Council's schedule of reasons for refusal is as follows:

  • The committee report detailed conflicting medical evidence. The Haynes McKenzie Report of May 2006 stated that there is no evidence of health effects arising from Infrasound or Low-Frequency Noise (ILFN) generated from turbines, but there were 2 other contradictory pieces of evidence that post date it. In August 2006 the United Kingdom Noise Association reviewed both medical and acoustic evidence and concluded that the larger turbines should not be located within 1 mile of human dwellings. Also, at the 2nd International Meeting on Wind Turbine Noise held in Lyon, France in September 2007, a scientific paper was presented which stated that wind turbine noise is conducive to Vibroacoustic Disease (VAD). Other reports by GPs in the UK and other international medical experts like the French Academie Nationale de Medecine in Paris recommend a distance of 2km (1.25 miles) to ensure the safety of families and young children. Therefore, adopting the precautionary approach, it is considered that the application be refused because the nearest turbine is much closer than 1.25 miles to human habitation, both domestic and industrial.


  • It is considered that the 125m turbines will create a significant visual intrusion into the landscape when viewed from various locations, near and far, within the district. The Landscape Character Assessment indicated that the Trent and Belvoir Vale has been identified as a landscape with 'medium sensitivity' to wind energy proposals (others disagreed and thought it was 'high sensitivity'). It is considered that, despite being located adjacent to other industrial activity, the landscape cannot assimilate such large structures harmoniously. Thus it is contrary to PPS22, the East Midlands Regional Plan (RSS8 - Policies 39), the Lincolnshire Structure Plan (Policy NE11), and EN1 of the South Kesteven Local Plan because of the exceptional quality of the Vale of Belvoir.


  • It is considered that the application will have both significant direct and cumulative adverse effects on the setting and visual amenity of a number heritage assets including Belvoir Castle, Bottesford Church and Bennington Grange, and on the whole historic landscape of the Vale of Belvoir which contains these historic buildings and monuments of outstanding and international significance. The application is thus contrary to PPG15, PPG16 and Policies C1 and C2 of the South Kesteven Local Plan.

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