Palmers Hollow (RidgeWind)


Revision to Proposed Scheme

Melton Borough Council have received supplementary information about RidgeWind's application to build 8 wind turbines at Palmer's Hollow.  The turbine size has been increased from 95 metres to 100 metres.  In addition, the rotor size has increased from 70 metres to 82 metres diameter, enlarging the swept area by over 1,400 square metres for each turbine.  We are advised that the proposed make of turbines is the MM82, which is the same turbine erected at Deeping St. Nicholas and which has caused so many problems for the Davis family.  Read about their experiences here:  Davis Statement

To read the full supplementary information document, please visit Melton Borough Council's website  Melton Borough Council  The Application number is 08/00990/FUL.

BLOT is talking to Melton Borough Council about this latest development and will keep you informed of any outcome.

Location Plan

Following an error in their first submission RidgeWind have now re-submitted their planning application and the revised site plan is as follows:

Palmers Hollow revised site plan


The Proposed Scheme

To view the RidgeWind application in full, please click here:  Application 08/00990/FUL

RidgeWind Ltd. is seeking to develop a wind farm to be known as the Palmers Hollow Wind Farm. The proposed wind farm is located approximately 750m east of Normanton, 750m northeast of Bottesford, 750m north of Muston and 2 km west of Sedgebrook, in the county of Leicestershire.

The project will require planning permission to be granted by Melton Borough Council (MBC). In support of the planning application an Environmental Impact Assessment is to be undertaken. The results of this assessment will be submitted alongside the application in the form of an Environmental Statement (ES).

A temporary meteorological mast, 60m in height, has already received planning permission and is erected on the site.

The wind farm will be connected to the existing electricity network at an interconnection point in the vicinity of the site via overground and/or underground cables. The location and means of connection, and the cable route is yet to be determined. This electrical connection would be the subject of a separate planning application.

In outline (taken from RidgeWind's Request for Scoping Opinion Document):

  • The planning application is likely to be for a period of 25 years.
  • The proposed wind farm consists of 8 wind turbines and associated infrastructure.
  • Each turbine is up to 60m hub-height with a rotor diameter of up to 92m resulting in a maximum potential blade tip height of up to 106m above ground level. Click here to see comparison with Jumbo Jet: Turbine and Jumbo
  • Each turbine will have a nominal generating capacity of 2 MW giving a total installed nominal capacity of 16 MW.
  • The nearest turbine will be only 750m from properties in Bottesford and Normanton and 1km from the A52.
  • Wind turbine transformers (one per turbine) will either be enclosed inside the tower or located in a small container adjacent to the base section of each turbine tower.
  • Access roads for construction, operational access and temporary lay-down and construction compounds will need to be built.
  • One on-site electrical substation will be constructed and underground power and communication cables layed between the turbines and on-site sub-station.


Interim Scoping Response

BLOT has sent their Response to the Palmers Hollow Wind Farm Scoping Opinion to Melton Borough Council.


BLOT will endeavour to keep everyone informed.

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