Developer Viewpoints

NOTE: By clicking on the above camera icons gives access to the developer's photomontages. Their availabilty on this website does not mean they are endorsed by BLOT.  We do hope you find accessing the images easier than trying to download the enormous files supplied, by Whirlwind, for the Council website.

The above map will help understand the visual impact of the Sewstern Lane's 6 x 110m turbines would have on the Vale of Belvoir, if planning permission was obtained. 

Wind farm developers do not like to have an easy to read map showing exactly where their images were taken from, which is then easily related to the photomontages themselves.

New guidance has forced developers to divert from their old 'stitched together photomontages', which gave a wide panoramic view, resulting in their wind turbines fading into the distance. They now have to include photomontages which are closer to what the eye will actually see.

Click on a camera icon to open a thumbnail photomontage and then the Viewpoint heading to view a full screen image.